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backup tool: ljmigrate - Nathan
January 6th, 2009
04:20 pm
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backup tool: ljmigrate
(having posted this as a comment in five places or so, I'm making my own post)

After today's kerfuffle, a lot of people are looking for or recommending journal backup tools. Some people are recommending ljdump; I'd like to recommend against that, as it's old and a bit buggy, and recommend a derivative of it, ljmigrate by antennapedia (original post about the program here).

As the name suggests, it can migrate a journal to another server running the LJ code; that's not very interesting to me, but the ability to create a local, static-HTML archive of a journal, complete with comments and user pictures, is.

I'm sure there are other fine tools out there, but I've used this one successfully, and ljdump was less successful. I also got a small bug fixed last week, so I know the author is currently paying attention to it.

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