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batch 31 - blonde ale - Nathan
July 12th, 2008
10:53 pm
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batch 31 - blonde ale
Today I brewed my 31st batch of beer (at least since I started taking notes), which was also my tenth all-grain batch and my second all-outdoor batch.

It's the blonde ale from Brewing Classic Styles. Very simple - 11.5lb of base malt and half a pound of crystal 20L, an ounce of Willamette hops for bittering, and Chico yeast. It was a nice contrast to the previous batch - a wit from the same book - which is still fermenting madly away (Madly, but slowly - 1.050 to 1.015 in two weeks, and still actively fermenting. But it tastes pretty good so far). I do seem to be stuck at about six hours start to finish, but I managed to work in some racking and bottle cleaning in there as well. Good mash and boil, but summertime chilling is a problem; it may be time to invest in a chest freezer and some temperature controllers.


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Date:July 13th, 2008 09:35 am (UTC)
mmmmmmmmm a chest freezer. That goes on my list of "things to get when I buy a house" including a sauna. Which I wish could be made entirely out of cedar, but that's not feasible, so I'll just have to have cedar oil or something.
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