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beer season is here again - Nathan
September 22nd, 2003
12:47 am
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beer season is here again
I finally gambled that the weather will be moderate this week and I brewed the batch of Nit Wit for which I picked up the ingredients three weeks ago. The final gravity was a disappointing 1.031 (8 brix). It is my first time using wheat malt extract and Munton's canned extract instead of John Bull or whatever it was that the Modern Brewer used to get in 55-gallon drums (before they were bought out by Homebrew Emporium, and you could just buy extract by the pound). The yeast was raring to go, though; I reanimated the starter last night with a pint of 1.040 from DME, and it was working its way out of the airlock this morning. With luck the carboy will look just as lively tomorrow.


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