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Fermentation follies - Nathan
November 8th, 2007
10:48 pm
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Fermentation follies
It's been a busy evening in booze-land. Tonight I:

  • Racked the pale ale from a few weeks ago out of primary. Realize that it's close to drinkable, but that I have no keg space for it - I still have last year's cider and some BBC porter on tap.
  • Bought ingredients for Saturday's session brewing a repeat of last winter's vanilla porter, and made a yeast starter. Go go gadget eBay lab equipment!
  • Cleaned my primary fermenter. It's kind of gross. I had to break out the B-Brite, which had gone from powder form to brick form.
  • Pitched yeast into the juice for this year's cider. After doing this, I noticed that I failed to get a hydrometer reading first, and also that my "6 gallons" is closer to 7 and is very nearly filling up the bucket. Now there is a gallon of sweet cider in my fridge that hopefully will not ferment before I drink it.
  • Cleaned the now-empty keg that had held the amber ale. I keep not buying the deep socket I need to remove the dip tubes; this is going to bite me some day.

Now it is time to eat something and RDWHAH.


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