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This is my kind of ranting writer - Nathan — LiveJournal
August 24th, 2007
03:58 pm
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This is my kind of ranting writer
Justin E.H. Smith

That's right. It's time for all of us who consider ourselves even mildly progressive to get at least a little bit Maoist on the occultists' asses, confident in the singular correctness of the scientific world-view, and intolerant of 'difference' when all this manages to give us is muddle-headed obscurantism.
But the problem is precisely that horoscopes are written by people, to wit, uninspired hacks, who then submit their humble work to publishers in media with vested ideological interests and advertisers to please. Why is this so easy to grasp when reading the editorial page, and so easy to forget when reading the 'fun' stuff? Or is it not so easy for most to grasp in the former case? Could it be that the most docile readership, the public best conditioned to allow the rise to power of fraudulent and cynical leaders, is the one that inadvertently permits its uncritical, just-for-fun reading of horoscopes to spill out of that frivolous section and into the ostensibly serious pages of those ever so un-fun features, like national and international news, the education supplement, or the business section? Could it be that the horoscope is not meant as a break from the seriousness of the 'real' sections of the newspaper, but indeed at its most effective serves as a sort of legend for how to read these other sections? Don't question. Swallow. We're here to amuse and comfort you (and, when useful, to worry you), not, dear reader, to promote some sort of awakening.

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