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Further adventures in beer - Nathan
June 8th, 2003
07:59 pm
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Further adventures in beer
Earlier today a friend of mine called up and said that they had some leftover beer from a party, and wondered if I would take it off his hands. Of course I said yes. I figured I'd end up with a few six-packs of something-or-other, and that it could live in the fridge or down in the laundry room while we got around to drinking it.

Half an hour later he pulls up in his car, and calls me down for help carrying... a quarter keg?!? It seems that all of his party guests were wine drinkers and they left this keg almost untouched. We dragged it into the house, and fussed around for a bit with the beer fridge before determining that the keg didn't actually fit inside. I said I would figure something out and he took off.

I considered just icing the keg down in a bucket for as long as it took to drink it all... but since it had a hand-pump tap attached, it was clearly going to spoil faster than that. Instead, I looked around and realized that my 5-gallon Cornelius soda keg (normally used for homebrew) was empty. I purged the oxygen from the Cornelius and proceeded to fill it from the quarter keg. This would have been easier if I could have attached the CO2 tank to the quarter keg, but the Connector Conspiracy prevailed - I didn't have the right fitting to attach my tank to the attached tap, and my tap was the wrong type for the keg. Hand-pumping was the task of the day, as well as scooping a lot of foam out of the top of the corny. After five gallons, one growler, a two-quart mason jar, and pints all around, the quarter-keg was emptied and all the beer was refrigerated (and re-carbonated, in the case of the five gallons in the corny) or consumed.

So, anyone want some Sam Adams Boston Lager?


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