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wisdom -= 2; - Nathan
March 13th, 2007
05:53 pm
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wisdom -= 2;
I got two wisdom teeth taken out today. One of them had started hurting a couple of months ago, the dentist figured it wasn't worth repairing, and so out they went. I would like to say that modern oral surgery is pretty excellent. The longest part was just waiting for the novocaine to take effect; the actual extraction was done as soon as it started. The novocaine is just now wearing off, and the pain is being kept under control pretty well by OTC painkillers (though there's a backup prescription for vicodin, in case it gets worse).

alphacygni is doing a great job of making sure I'm comfortable, but so far, it just isn't very bad at all.

The tooth that was hurting is remarkably and kind of grossly obvious; it's definitely good to be rid of it. The other one is pretty normal. I'll post pictures in another entry. I do wonder why my previous dentist opted to put in fillings instead of just having them taken out four years ago, though.

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Date:March 15th, 2007 12:28 am (UTC)
The worst part is the subsequent days, when it hurts to open your mouth and you start to consider whether or not you could blenderize french fries. I had mine out the day before an oral pharmacology exam, which I also can't recommend. But I do agree with the novacaine/OTC pain meds plan; I never needed anything stronger.
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Date:March 15th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
Actually, the convalescence has been pretty easy. It's substantially less pain than the tooth that was removed, so it hasn't felt very bad in comparison. And I've worked my way up to eating soft dumplings and tender donuts, so I think I'm well on the way to a fast recovery.
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