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Brr! - Nathan
January 26th, 2007
03:44 pm
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Okay, so it's cold today. Good day to be a telecommuter, right? Well.. the house is a bit chilly today. I think the heat's been on since 6am and it hasn't quite made it to 64F at the thermostat, and the kitchen is about 60F. This is particularly annoying since yesterday I went on a caulking spree to try and avoid this very problem.

In addition to the one windowframe that had a nice gap where it fit against the wood, I had discovered that the kitchen cabinets on the outside wall had a nice cold breeze coming out from underneath them. The cabinet seens to have a flat base, but the frame it's on on the floor has sagged, so there's about a 1/4" gap in the middle, and the two interstitial spaces between the cabinet and the drawers open right out into the kitchen and were blowing cold air. I don't know where the cold air is coming from, exactly - I haven't found any holes in the outside wall or in the basement floor for air to get in, but clearly my mental model of what's behind the cabinets is wrong. It's currently 40F inside one of those cabinets, even after blocking the flow of cold air into the room.


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