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evolving schoolwork - Nathan
June 18th, 2006
10:41 pm
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evolving schoolwork
Tonight I was sorting through, consolidating, and purging some old schoolwork. None of it was quite from half my life ago, but it's getting close.

Along the way I found three course-packet versions of textbooks that were works in progress when I took the class. The "Voyager"-edition preprint SICP (2nd Edition) and the preprint of Implicit Parallel Programming in pH could be tossed, since they have long since been turned into real books. The 6.821 text, however, seems to still be stuck in work-in-progress land, nine years later (I love that course site, though. I had to check that it had actually been updated since I took it, as it is totally late-1990's style. Also, all the course handouts are kickin' it old school with a very familiar LaTeX template, and they're still being distributed as PostScript).

Finally, alphacygni and I had a moment of nostalgia over a ScanTron form. Life was much simpler back in the days of mechanically graded multiple-choice.

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