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R.I.P. WHFS 99.1 - Nathan
January 12th, 2005
11:48 pm
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R.I.P. WHFS 99.1
WHFS Changes Its Tune to Spanish

To the extent that I have any understanding or appreciation of the world of pop or "alternative" music, circa 1992-1994, it was because of this station. To this day it is the radio station I've listened to the most (okay, maybe WBUR is catching up, but it's not the same). They successfully warped me for life. I went to the 1993 HFStival (Belly, Velocity Girl, Matthew Sweet, Iggy Pop, Stereo MCs, Posies, X, Neds Atomic Dustbin, INXS) - my first live concert experience. Even if I hadn't kept pace with them in the past decade, I still recognized some of what they played - which perhaps is the indicator that they were fossilized, but we still have stations that cover older eras than that, with hordes of listeners.

It's just one more reason not to bother going home.

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