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Serendipity - Nathan
August 27th, 2004
05:17 pm
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An organization called the United Spinal Association (formerly the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association) contacted me about using my polling station picture in their newsletter. I don't know if I had even really registered that the picture included an accessible (well, marked-for-use-by-handicapped) voting booth.

Getting a picture published is pretty neat, but it reminds me that much of the point of digital photography was supposed to be taking lots of pictures to occasionally get good ones, so I should take more pictures, damnit.


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Date:August 27th, 2004 10:47 am (UTC)
A photo of mine, indeed, this photo, was used (with my consent) by a web site that has photos of a bajillion different kinds of fire hydrants.

Apparently this hydrant, in front of Somerville City Hall, is cool in some way, if you are a fire hydrant afficionado.
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