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Latest beer adventures - Nathan
May 11th, 2004
01:20 pm
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Latest beer adventures
I made a new batch last night. This one is another pale ale, but with some honey added to the usual malt extract syrup.

I did a two-pot boil, same as last time, but since the last batch came out kind of low-volume (4-4.5 gallons), I started with 3.5 gallons per pot. I didn't split the sugars evenly; I put 4lb of extract in one pot and 2.8lb of extract (the "kicker" cans) and the honey in the other one. It made for some interesting differences in the consistency of the hot break. I also tried to conserve liquid volume by keeping the boil low and the pots covered.

Final volume: 6 gallons. "Oops. I made too much beer!". This means it's going to be weaker than anticipated (maybe ten points, or 0.8% potential ABV), and that I can't fit it all in my 6-gallon carboy primary with headspace for the yeast. I moved half a gallon to my starter jug after I pitched, so I'll be doing two fermentations in parallel. Maybe when I rack off of the trub the remaining volume will be more reasonable.

I also discovered that the CO2 tank was empty again when the tap poured much more foam than seemed reasonable. So much for the theory that it was the threads on the old tank that leaked. At least it's easy and cheap to get a refill now. I'm going to have to see if I can do a soap-solution trick to catch the leak - losing 5 pounds in a week should be nearly 2mL/sec if my high school chemistry is right - it seems like that should be easily detectable. I'll let the new tank chill in the fridge for a day before testing it, in case the leak is a result of colder metal shrinking somewhere. This might also be another sign that I should get around to drilling the fridge for a gas line.


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Date:May 11th, 2004 12:29 pm (UTC)
beer is good. ill have some
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